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Carpenter at Work


Originally born on a small farm in Israel, I worked hard at a young age building and repairing anything on the farm that I needed to be done. Cutting corners was never allowed in my family, so I grew up valuing high quality work and take pride in producing the best results. 

I joined the Israeli military as an airplane mechanic which strengthened my mindset to endure hard work and taught me valuable life lessons and trade skills. 

After the military, I worked as a park ranger before moving to New Jersey. I started multiple successful retail locations and ultimately, met & married my amazing wife and started my family.

I've had much life experience growing up in Israel and moving to the US, being in the military and working my different jobs. My family and I moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and look forward to growing our business here. We appreciate all our customer support and hope to continue working with you in the future. 

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